Tips for Enjoying the Summer with Your Pet

The summer is a wonderful time for enjoying the great outdoors with your pet. To be able to enjoy your time to the fullest, it's important to keep your pet's safety and how they handle the heat in mind. 

Because you want to make sure your pet is still getting efficient exercise, try to limit walks and rigorous playtime to mornings and evenings when the heat is at it's lowest. Remember that asphalt, sidewalks, and pavement become extremely hot in the heat and can burn your pet's paws so take extra care when choosing times to go on walks. 

Camping, parks, and dog friendly beaches are great ways to take your dog out and about with you and including them in summer fun! Hit up your local farmers' market or try a new pet-friendly restaurant and eat on the patio. Modern Dog Magazine recommends setting up a sprinkler splash zone in your backyard and play fetch with your dog or DIY'ing an agility course for them to try. 

Of course there will be times when you want to have your pets around you outside when the heat is at it's higher points, so you should be aware of the signs of heatstroke (and even overheating) in your cat or dog. The Humane Society lists signs of heatstroke in your pet as: 

  • Rapid heartbeat and panting
  • Unresponsiveness/Unwillingness to listen to any commands
  • Fever
  • Vomiting 
  • Warm skin and dark red gums 
  • Collapsing/Lethargy
  • Excessive drooling

Animals especially susceptible to heatstroke are those that are older in age, overweight, or that have shorter snouts like Persian cats, pugs, boxers, bulldogs, etc. 

Barbecues are a great way to socialize with friends and other pets during the summer months. Be sure your pet's tags and vaccines are up to date and that you keep insecticides and human food out of reach from your dog or cat. You'll also want to keep plenty of fresh water around for them to stay nice and hydrated. 

Feel like spoiling your dog or cat a little more? Why not try making them some yummy popsicles! has an easy recipe - just freeze wet dog or cat food in plastic cups overnight. The next day, let it sit on the counter for about 5 minutes or until it starts to "sweat" then serve it to your dog or cat! It's a great way to give them a tasty treat and keep them hydrated! 

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Guest post by: Sondra Davenport

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