Better Sleep. Better Life.

Did you know that sleep can have a major impact on your dog’s behavior and health? According to Dog Behavior Psychologist, Lizi Angel, when dogs are sleep deprived, stress hormones will build up which can negatively impact the dog's behavior, creating symptoms like aggression. In contrast, during deep sleep, a dog’s body (as with any other mammal) releases melatonin, a neuro hormone, which is known to protect the body's cells and, strengthen the immune system.

So if sleep is so critical to your dog’s well-being, then choosing the right bed for him/her must be important too, right? Many pet parents don’t realize that there are very specific needs that some dogs have when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. For example, smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas and Terriers, tend to prefer enclosed spaces with walls to give them a sense of shelter and protection. Without this they feel insecure and end up sleeping with one eye open. For these types of dogs, a bed like the Milo 2in1 Hut or the high-walled Luna OrthoComfort Cuddler would most suitable.


For medium to large breeds, it can vary widely. It really depends on the breed and your dog’s personality. Some prefer beds with no (or low) walls (like the Samson w AirLOFT) so that they can sprawl and stay cool. Others prefer a tighter space with walls to give them extra support (like the Teddy Cuddler). If you’re not sure what your dog prefers, just pay close attention to their behavioral habits and preferences. It will usually become very clear.

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