Are pet beds seasonal?

It has been widely considered that pets only need or use bedding during the cold weather months. Of course, we all want our loved ones warm and snuggly on those cold days and nights. The proper bedding should help keep their bodies’ warm, which will help alleviate aches and pains that come from cold weather. This is even more important if they spend most of their time outdoors.

But what about when the temps start to climb and we change our focus to keeping our pets cool and not overheating. In the southwest, average daily temperatures could reach into the triple digits! In the dog days of summer, do our dogs (and cats) still need a bed? So let’s take a look at a couple different scenarios and then you can decide what would be best for your furry friends.

Now let’s shifts gears from seasonal temps and take a look at some animal behaviors. Houses, huts and caves have always been used for cats. Our feline friends love hiding out in the most interesting places. Cat owners know this and often will provide their kitties with cute and fun hideaways for them to get into. Ever see a cat play hide and seek with a cardboard box? So it is safe to say, that no matter what the temp is, in or out, cats love houses and huts!

“Oh baby it’s hot outside!” It might be 96 degrees outside, but what is the temperature in your home? Or for the lucky ones who get to take their pets to work, the office is probably a cool 74 degrees. Many times we see office workers wearing sweaters indoors because they keep it very cool. So it’s safe to say if you need a sweater or throw to keep the chill out from the A/C, so does your pet. Even more so if they are short haired, very young or old. Providing them with a warm and comfy place to snuggle just makes sense.

Last but certainly not least, those darling little small breed pups. Anyone who has ever lived with a Chihuahua will tell you that they love to burrow. Yes indeed, forget sleeping on the bed, they will get right under the blankets! Or under the bed, behind the sofa, in the nightstand, just about anywhere they can hide out and relax. This behavior is not just reserved for Chihuahua’s either, most small breeds behave in the same way. When you are less than 15 lbs. it’s kind of hard to feel safe and secure in the big wide open. Because dogs are den dwellers by nature, it is in their den that they can truly relax and fall into a deep slumber. Providing your little ones with a soft and cozy hideout just might make their day and night!

Mary Bumatai