Urban PAWtner Spotlight: Georgia Jack Russell Rescue

One of our amazing Urban PAWtners, Georgia Jack Russell Rescue is making a huge difference in the lives of Jack Russells everywhere!

An Atlanta-area, volunteer-based, 501c3 organization involved in the rescue, adoption and sanctuary of Jack Russells and terrier mixes, the rescue was founded in 2000. They have saved and re-homed more than 500 JRTs and terrier mixes throughout the southeast. Next to Pitbulls, Jack Russell Terriers are one of the most frequently misunderstood and surrendered breeds. Jack Russells in general, are not "hyper" ,but rather highly intelligent, active dogs who need regular exercise, socialization and activity.

Originally planning to focus their efforts on purebreds, they just can't turn away any dog in need. Today they rescue all dogs from purebred Jacks, Jack Russell mixes, and even a few dogs who aren’t Terriers at all!  They love them all and hope to find forever homes for all of them.

At any given time, they are caring for more than 20 dogs at their rescue facility and in foster care. Most of the dogs in their care are pulled from local animal control facilities. In addition to saving abandoned and neglected JRTs, their organization also endeavors to educate potential adopters about the qualities and needs of this breed in an effort to prevent more displaced terriers.  

One of the greatest needs as a rescue organization is additional foster homes where dogs can be socialized regularly while learning skills that will increase their chances of a successful adoption.  

Learn more about Georgia Jack Russell Terrier Rescue and their mission.