Urban Paw is passionate about
improving the lives of pets and the people that love them.

We believe the products you use for your pet are an essential foundation for their lives, providing the basis for better behavior and better health. Our goal is to join pet to person, and help educate owners to form a lasting, meaningful connection with their pets.

Through innovation we strive to lessen the environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people and pets.  Finding alternative materials for our products, such as soy-based foam rather than regular petroleum-based, reduces the toxic emissions in our atmosphere and makes them safer to use. We understand the climb to sustainability is a gradual process, and we aim to take one step at a time towards a better world for pets, people and our planet.

It is our mission...
To reduce the number of homeless pets by developing and donating to high-impact, “outside-the-box” initiatives that increase adoption rates and/or reduce intake rates at shelters. Ten percent (10%) of all profits generated by Urban Paw are donated to this effort.  Learn More.


Our Story

Like mother, like son…
Well, sometimes at least. As mother-son business partners, Sherry and Ben naturally butt heads on many matters. What they do have in common however is their shared values and a desire to bring good into this world. Sherry founded Sentiments Inc, a home textiles manufacturer, in 2006. In 2012, Ben left his career in finance to help her manage the company. After two years of great success, Sherry and Ben realized that they wanted to bring more meaning into Sentiments. While giving back has always been a priority for Sentiments, they yearned to make a bigger impact. They wanted create a brand that would not only offer exceptional products, but would also be a driver for positive change in our world. Their passion to help animals in need would become their mission. And so, in September 2014 Urban Paw was born.  


Guiding Principles


For good or bad, our world revolves around economy, which is built on businesses. So wouldn’t businesses be best suited to help drive positive change? We think so. Ultimately, it’s about doing what’s right. These core principles drive everything we do:

Everyone wins. That’s what we strive for. We believe that everyone who is impacted by the decisions we make should benefit. That includes our employees, customers, suppliers, Mother Nature, and any other stakeholder. We seek to consider everyone with every decision we make, whether it be product development, sales, or operations related.

Give back.  It feels good to help those in need, doesn’t it? Well, its deeper than that. We believe giving benefits the greater whole, which benefits you, which in turn benefits the greater whole. Its a beautiful cycle and we want to keep it going. In fact, we believe that as a business, it is our duty to help drive positive change.

Innovate. In everything we do.  That means continually challenging the status quo and re-thinking the standards for how we do business.